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Scientific Name: Metapenaeus Monoceros( Family: Penaeidae)
English: Speckled shrimp
French: Crevette mouchetée
Spanish: Camarón moteado

Common Names:
Indian: Koraney chingri; Honye chingri
Japan: Yoshiebi
Madagascar: Patsanarana (name also used for other species)
South Africa: Ginger prawn

Size: Medium size shrimp and usually grows to 195 mm (7.7 inches).

Distribution: This shrimp was originally found in the Indo-West Pacific from Durban north along the African coast to the Red Sea and around India to the Bay of Bengal. Now it has migrated through the Suez Canal into the Eastern Mediterranean as well. Living in shallow water down to 60 meters, mostly between 10 and 30 meters, the species prefers sandy mud bottoms and brackish to marine salinities as low as 5 and up to 30 parts per thousand.

Comments: Known in English variously as pink shrimp, brown shrimp and ginger prawn as well as speckled shrimp, the species has commercial value throughout its range. It is actually a brown shrimp. It is important in some African countries like Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania and one of the dominant species of Madagascar. It is also important in Somalia, the Gulf of Aden and the southern part of the Red Sea, as well as in most parts of India (especially Kerala and the Ganges Delta) and Pakistan. It is cultivated in rice fields in Bangladesh and India.It is also now trawled in the Eastern Mediterranean off the southern coast of Turkey, on the continental shelf off Israel, and off Alexandria, Egypt. , Friendly face of technology.