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Scientific name:  Penaeus Latisulcatus (Family: Penaeidae)
English: Western king prawn
French: Crevette royale occidentale
Spanish: Camarón real

Commercial Names:
Australia: western king prawn; Blue- legged king prawn
Japan: Futomizo-ebi; Hutomizo-ebi
Thailand: Kung luang hangsipha
Size: This prawn reaches up to 200 mm of which the tails constitute up to 140 mm.
Distribution: A very widely distributed shrimp in the Indo-West Pacific region, the western king prawn is found from Southeast Africa north to the Red Sea, in the Persian Gulf, around India, Southeast Asia and throughout the Malay archipelago to Japan and Korea and South to Australia where it is found from South Australia all around the coast to northern New South Wales. Living on hard bottoms of sand, sandy mud or gravel, the species likes shallower marine water down to about 90 meters

Comments: This is a light-colored shrimp, popular in Japan, which produces a large proportion of the total landings. This species is the most important one in the South Australian prawn fishery and is also very important in parts of Western Australia. Somalia, the Gulf of Aden, Taiwan, Thailand and the Persian Gulf are other areas where catches are significant. This shrimp is very similar to P. japonicus, the kuruma prawn, and to P. canaliculatus, the witch prawn. , Friendly face of technology.